Why Social Media?

Social MediaOne of the most talked about topics currently making the news these days is social media. Even those people who refuse to become involved with Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter are influenced by social media’s far reaching tentacles. Social media encompasses the masses, not only the internet masses but the non computer savvy folks as well. You see, once a site has reached the masses as any kind of an authority whatsoever, many of the print journalists begin to use quotes from some of the online authors.  The eCommerce choices made online, directly affect advertising in print and television, which then influence manufacturers to meet those same demands. As the online content is passed into the print world our two cultures become intertwined with each other. As we evolve into a more online society these two worlds will quickly become one. Are you prepared for this reality? eCommerce (internet/online) is already realizing more sales revenues than brick and mortar. Soon, we may describe anything other than online commerce (ecommerce) something along the line of brick & mortar or B&M for short.

So how do you embrace social media for your personal life, for your business or your employment position? How do you get comfortable with social media without giving up your privacy? Let’s look at this topic and see if we can hash out some answers.

Have you attempted to sit down and write out in long hand (that’s right, actually writing with a pen on paper) what your goals in life are? Don’t fret, most people haven’t. Have you ever sat down and written out what your goals for your business or job is? Have you ever thought about what you are passionate about? How about your relationships? These issues are what shape us as human beings. Really! Understanding our personality, who we are and what we are passionate about is also what we usually think about, talk about, fantasize about. This is also what we bring to society, to social media.

Our personality is made up of many past experiences in our lives and our goals will generally reflect our hearts and our hopes. Many private, shy, or even non social individuals are now influencing society via blogs, posts, content and articles previously managed by publishers. With a simple computer and internet connection one person can reach millions of strangers, create relationships and maintain those same relationships online. Who would have imagined that 10 years ago? I can develop and maintain relationships with friends globally thru any number of mediums on the internet, many at no cost to either party. Really??? Absolutely!

So, let’s start with finding out who we are by writing some of our thoughts down on paper, any thoughts to start with. Once you are more comfortable writing, delve a little deeper into your thoughts. Try to decipher what you’re passionate about. Is it work, is it a topic like government, finance, art, a specific sport, clothes, food or pets? There’s no right answer. It doesn’t matter how well it’s written, doesn’t matter if it makes sense. It’s a beginning and that’s always where we have to start, at the beginning. Many private, inhibited individuals have found a place in today’s social environment, while many brick and mortar businesses are finding an entirely new customer landscape in this computer friendly globally environment. Jump in, the waters fine?

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