Small & Med Businesses realize 10% growth with online marketing, drop 5% without

Heavy Web Use Seen Correlating With Sales Growth for SMBs

SMBs that use a wide range of internet tools to market, sell, and support customers, interact with suppliers, and empower employees (high-Web) appear to enjoy faster sales growth than those who either just have a website or social networking site (low-Web), or do not have a website at all (no-Web), according to survey results released in March 2012 by the Boston Consulting Group. High-web SMBs in the US experienced 10% growth in historical 3-year sales, compared to a decline in sales growth of 5% among low-Web and no-Web SMBs.Similar, if not even larger discrepancies in historical 3-year sales growth between high-Web and low- or no-Web SMBs were found in China (25% vs. 9%), Turkey (17% vs. -5%), and Germany (18% vs. 4%).


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