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Local Business Visibility SearchLocal Business Marketing requires a visibility strategy for internet searches. Although a powerful website is necessary for eCommerce (internet sales) or national/global business visibility, as a local business owner a website may not be a necessity. However, for Local Internet visibility it’s very important to make sure your business is listed on all the online and mobile directories based on your service or product. This is THE most important part of your online and offline marketing strategy, Local Internet Visibility. Potential customers probably don’t know your company’s name, instead they search for a service or a product. Without your business services or products listed online, how will people find your company? For more information on how important this procedure is see our KEYWORD RESEARCH blog page.

When you contract Internet Marketing Media, we perform indepth keyword research, develop your content, then publish & maintain your business service or product listing on all directories, making sure you are highly visible and ranked well for Google Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Mantra, just to name a few of the 50 directories. When you want your potential customers to learn more about your business, we can assist with all the business marketing services you need, always considering your budget. Contact us today for a free business visibility report. No obligation!

Internet Marketing Media is currently offering an exclusive Local Marketing Campaign for your local business. We enable you to market daily or hourly specials, coupon campaigns, and item or service promotions via text, email and social media. Each of these offerings can be sent out to a database of your existing customers, as well as a specific demographic of new customers. Are midweek afternoons slow, why not offer an aggressive special for Wednesday & Thursday, 2-4pm. Many times this can be accomplished with no coupon costs, where coupon companies take 75% of your profits, for instance, Groupon nets you 25% of your retail value and offers no database maintenance. We can tailor your global or local business visibility campaign to fit your needs while marketing to your specific demographic in your local area.

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