Phone Books & Dinosaurs

Remember the days everyone had couple of big honkin phone books laying around our home and office. On that note, remember file cabinets. Both are almost history, to be seen only in a wax museum in the near future to remind our kids of life before internet.

Local Business Advertising & Marketing consists of a number of different strategies today, much different than our advertising in the yellow pages. Many of today’s marketing companies ask the business owner for three to five keywords, with no research regarding the actual searches performed by the public for those keywords. Business owners are in the business to sell their products or services with little knowledge of keyword search parameters. Marketing companies are in the business of providing marketing services and keyword research is a large part of that. Is someone, anyone, actually searching for the keyword the company wants to market? I recently had a party supply client ask me to rank him for a search phrase that had zero results. I had to explain to him (almost argue with him) why he would be wasting his money.

Many business owners have no idea of what keyword research is. My typical demographic is over 35, business owner for 10 years, business is not failing but not growing either, and most take for granted its because of the economy. They really don’t believe, believe being the keyword here, that online marketing & advertising can help their business revenues grow. Many of the over 40 crowd, hard to believe, simply don’t believe in the internet as a viable business portal.

How many of us study the stats, which speak for themselves…how can you deny stats. Bottom line, if you don’t visit the internet, why would you believe what you haven’t studied….

Stats as of August 2012,

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