Blogging to Increase Sustainable Revenues

There are so many great reasons for any business to blog, one clearly stands out above the others, growing your organic search traffic by increasing your keyword rankings. By blogging about relevant information regarding your products or services, and following a clearly defined blog plan, you will become an authority in your niche and draw traffic to your information. Keyword research resulting in long tail keyword phrases relating to the specific topic, add guest blogging, guest interviewing and building online relationships with other bloggers and ultimately your potential customers are the result of all successful blog strategies.

Many business owner’s have experienced tremendous marketing success in the past due to a strategic blogging campaign, this is critically important to all businesses. As a business owner are you having a hard time trying to decide what to blog about? So is everyone else. Are you concerned you were not born with the writing gene? Join the club. If  you are having a hard time deciding what to write about, just sit down and write 15-20 questions that a searcher/shopper will ask when considering your product or service. These questions, without a doubt, will be the foundation of a phenomenal long-tail keyword strategy that will generate greater amounts of traffic and measurable results, guaranteed….. Why is it, the biggest problem most businesses have is that they aren’t thinking like consumers, they’re thinking like business owners—which is a BIG mistake. Why? Because we are emotionally involved in our business. It’s our baby, from birth to exit strategy, we nurture and care for it. No doubt you can relate.


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