Searching for a Local Business

The importance of KEYWORD and KEYWORD PHRASE research cannot be over stated. KEYWORDS describing your product or services are just as import for rankings on Google, as they are for Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Manta and the 45+ other directory listings used for finding your local business product or service by searching on mobile devices and computers. Most business owners are not aware when a keyword search is entered for a business service or product that it automatically refers to the local directories. The majority of local businesses have neglected to research relevant keywords for their directory listings. As a matter of fact, many businesses are not even listed on the 50+ directories, not realizing these are free business listings to take advantage of as a business owner

Potential Customers AREN’T searching for your company name, because they don’t know it….yet. They ARE searching for your product or service. Does Google know more about your company than you’ve listed?  Do they know about your product or service? For example, if you are an Italian restaurant named “Sammy’s Marinara” and a potential customer in your area searches for the KEYWORD “Italian Food” or “Pizza” in your area, do you show up on the first page?? If you are an auto repair business, do you show up under the keyword “Mechanic,” or “Brakes?” Are you a Bank or Doctor providing a specific service, not wanting to waste time with the wrong demographic? Keywords address more than the name of your company, they announce your product or service, what your next customer is really looking for…. KEYWORD RESEARCH finds out what exact terms and phrases your demographic is searching for, along with how many businesses are advertising those phrases. Professional Keyword Research reveals the phrases associated with a typical search entry including how many searches, how many actual visits to a site, and how much competition exists for that phrase in today’s internet market.

Lunch time??

I hope you get the idea of how important keyword research is for your business listing descriptions in order to draw more visitors interested in your company’s product or service. When you efficiently list your services in the lowest competitive keyword environment your visitor count will increase and more importantly engaging and converting the visitor into a customer increases ten fold.

Bottom line, don’t discount the value of local directory listings to rank your local business, and don’t undervalue the keyword research available to you for the ultimate performance of your business listing in the local directories, in your blogs and press releases too.

I hope this has helped you better understand how important it is to properly list your business in order to make it easier for future customers who don’t yet know the name of your company to find you. Obviously, if you can’t be found easily how will you increase your revenues and expand your business.

Next up, the importance of video for more engaged visitor traffic with a larger percentage of conversions of visitors to your customer database.

Contact us today to find out about our unique local business directory listing services, we call it our Local Google Searches Campaign. We want to help you grow your business, whether that is coaching you to do most of the work yourself or having us perform any marketing services you don’t have the expertise or time for.

Have a blessed and prosperous day, month, and year.

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