Local Business… get noticed online.

As a local business owner you have worked hard to grow your business, years of managing your business to be the best it can be. How do you do your Business Marketing? Once upon a time your Business Marketing consisted of a yellow pages ad, a local print flier, and a listing in your local Chamber of Commerce business listing. Why, then are you not realizing more new customers? Why is the phone not ringing as much or more than it once did? I will answer that question for you in the form of a few different Business Marketing solutions.

Our group has been involved in sales and business marketing for over 35 years, helping businesses to increase revenues with detailed business marketing strategies. We can provide you with services, or coaching that will help you grow your business on a month by month basis starting today, if you contact us. We can show you how to get Prepaid Customers without an upfront cost. REALLY!!! Call now.

As a local business you do not have to publish a website, however, you do need to make sure your business is listed on all the local online and mobile directories. Without your business listed online very few people will find you outside word of mouth references.  Design Star Media’s Local Google Searches division can help with your business listing on all directories, making sure you are in the top places for Google Maps, and all the local listings.

Many business owners have realized the value of a website, some top quality, some not so much. This is your business, your heart and soul went into building your vision. Does the website truly reflect your vision? Does the website cause the first time visitor to become excited about the first paragraph, the graphics, the information provided in the first page? If it doesn’t, you are probably losing more potential customers than you are gaining. Let Design Star Media help you present your business to the public, let’s work together to develop a new revenue stream for your business.

Social Media is like reading a newspaper, except our current social media allows – encourages – you to interact as much or as little as you wish. Reading a newspaper and interacting with the editor? The writer? Really!!! Why would I want to interact with complete strangers? I’m sure many will ask themselves this question. Please refer to http://designstarmedia.com/category/insights-blog/ for additional info.

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