Reputation Management & Reputation Maintenance

Have you ever Googled your personal or company name? Maybe you have a bad review you don’t even know about?  Maybe someone wrote a bad review about your business or you on Yelp or RipoffReport?  Maybe the competition is publishing false reviews about your company.

Online Reputation Maintenance realizes how hard you’ve worked to create a name for you, your business, your products or services and we will defend and manage your reputation, simply because we believe most companies out there do their best to provide consumers with the best products and services. Can you repair your online reputation?  With a lot of work, possibly, Online Reputation Maintenance can.

Online Reputation Maintenance operates and performs your reputation management through several avenues, in addition to our secret formula’s here’s some of the traditional methods we use.

  1. Press Releases and Article submissions – An integral part of repairing a reputation is creating and publishing positive content, remembering it’s all about the type of content and where you place it, to various article submission directories and also to press release sites.
  2. Blog commenting – We create a positive and informative buzz about your product, service, and your company by commenting on relevant blog sites.  It’s not just enough to comment on any blog, you need to submit relevant and informative information.
  3. Blog Creation – Creating numerous remote blogs, separate from your website(s) is extremely important as well.
  4. Social bookmarking – We create accounts on all of the social bookmarking sites, we then maintain that information, sites like Digg, StumbleUpon (and many others) enabling your users to follow your informative articles online.  This is simply one more way for you to obtain more traffic and get your positive message out there.
  5. Link Building – Content and Backlinks are one of the most important parts of this process.  We create a large network of backlinks pointing back to your site in order to bring you more traffic.  This is integral to building backlinks which point to the positive content we created in order to advance these pages in search engines.
  6.  Social Networking – This is perhaps one of the largest areas where companies fail. When I first heard about Twitter I questioned its usefulness too.  After all, who would want to read about a company’s or a person’s updates every day of their life?  But people do!  It’s a an interesting world we live in. The important point here is, you must maintain your social networks and truly realize how important they are. We manage your personal or organization(s) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nexpoia etc. pages so your fans and users always have a means of staying updated.

Building a reputation is not easy and can take years to properly develop.  The best way to develop your reputation as a company is to offer a good service, and market that service in a professional manner.  This is why Online Reputation Maintenance always recommends building your web presence and creating a name for yourself before a bad review seeps in.  One bad review posted within thousands of positive reviews doesn’t really hurt much.  One bad review with little or no positive content and you and your organization can pay a heavy price.  Online Reputation Maintenance  repair service is not the only step which should be taken in response to negative content, but should also be viewed as a preventative measure as well.  Not only do our services hinder negative reviews from surfacing and harming your business, but our Online Reputation Maintenance services also boost your business by increasing your exposure and increasing your online traffic.

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