Practical Business Solutions

As a local business owner you have worked hard to provide excellent service to your customers, years of managing your business to be the best it can be utilizing different business solutions.

In the past you probably had a yellow pages ad and a local print flier. Why, then are you not realizing more new customers, why is the phone not ringing as much or more than it once did? I’ll answer that question in the form of a few different business solutions.

We have over 50 years of combined experience, helping business owners to increase sustainable sales revenues through a number of innovative business solutions. We are eager to work with you to grow your business on a month by month basis.

Although a powerful website is necessary for eCommerce (internet sales) or national online recognition, as a local business owner a website may not be a necessity. However, it’s very important to make sure your business is listed on all the online and mobile directories based on your services or products. Potential customers probably aren’t familiar with your company’s name, instead they search for a service or a product. Without your business services or products listed online, how will people find your company?  Let Design Star Media publish & maintain your business service or product listing on all directories, making sure you are visible and ranked well for Google Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Mantra, just to name a few of the 100’s of directories. When you want your potential customers to learn more about your business, we can assist with all the business solutions services you need, considering your budget. Contact us today for a free business visibility report. No obligation!

Many business owners have realized the value of a website, some top quality, some not so much. Keep in mindl, this is your business, I’m betting your heart and soul went into building your vision. Does the website truly reflect your vision? Does the website cause the first time visitor to become excited about the first paragraph, the graphics, the information provided in the first page? If it doesn’t, you are probably losing more potential customers than you are gaining. Let Design Star Media help you present your business to the public, let’s work together to develop a new revenue stream for your business. Refer to our Online Presence page for more on this topic.



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