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Is Business Consulting Right For My Business

business consultingWe provide business consulting in many areas of business services. First let’s ask the specific question, what is business consulting today? The answer is as diverse as defining the many different cultures in the United States and should address your particular circumstance and industry.

Businesses come in many sizes, small, medium and large. Addressing your particular situation(s) with real long lasting solutions is the key. We spend the time to fully comprehend your business needs in order to create solutions which fit your specific circumstance(s). We realize you are looking for a sustainable solution enabling your business to grow into your vision. Today’s most successful businesses are refocusing on automation, quality support, strong customer service, customer retention, person to person marketing, reputation management, online marketing, social media, and customer engagement. For example, building a website without proper SEO content & a marketing plan is the same as building a restaurant in an alley way with no signage visible from the street. Having a fabulous product which nets a minimal profit margin, or a marketing campaign without testing procedures and ROI results. Both are kind of like dieting with little or no real weight loss.

Why is Online Presence so Important in Today’s Business Consulting and Why Do I Need Social Media Management?

What happened to print media, fliers, catalogs, and word of mouth advertising being the predominant marketing tool? The internet network has taken over all forms of communication media. Social media is quickly becoming the norm internationally and forcing dramatic changes in large, medium and small business consulting marketing strategy. What is marketing? Well, in today’s internet world, marketing takes on an entire new facade of service marketing, relationship marketing, target marketing and the ever popular coupon marketing. In order for the marketing campaign you choose to become one of your revenue solutions will require a strong internet marketing management background to keep your company ahead of the internet evolution curve. No one could have imagined this 10 years ago. Today, understanding how to effectively use social media one can solve many advertising and branding questions with revenues following closely behind. The internet is so advanced we are now able to accomplish international branding without having to be physically present in any one place. Relationship marketing is another matter entirely, with personal relationships at the forefront of business origination and retention.

Many marketing campaigns today are failing to turn online interest into engaged traffic, which equals new or lost clientele. Engaged and enlightened customers create online revenues. How do you currently engage the online visitor to become truly interested in you, your site, or your product/service?

Business consulting come in many different forms and suits. Addressing your particular problem with real long lasting solutions is the key. We spend the time to truly comprehend the cause of your company’s issue(s) and realize you are looking for a sustainable solution which will enable you to grow into the next business cycle and beyond.


At Bimini Ventures Ltd we deliver domestic and global solutions to B2B and B2C companies, with applications in business management technology, IT consulting, custom designed consulting software, business solutions software, business solutions IT, medium and small business live support to outsourced support when applicable. You may have even asked yourself the question, what is a small business. We believe small businesses are simply businesses in growth mode looking for additional revenues which usually come from an advanced

business consulting

process involving any number of business solutions such as reputation management, increased efficiency, possible outsourcing of some services, larger customer demographic, new marketing techniques and/or new product introduction, just to name a few.

Bimini Ventures Ltd can help you to guide your company in all aspects of business consulting like operations efficiency, marketing management, article creation and publishing, corporate organization and re-organization including financing solutions, international business corporations and holding companies, offshore business and trading accounts to facilitate your international tax planning objectives.

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