Viral Campaign

Creating a Viral Campaign

The baby who laughs at ripping paper. The overdramatic chipmunk. Nyan Cat. These characters are forever immortalized in the world of viral Internet content. But what is it about these vastly different pieces of content that make them so ubiquitous and sharable? According to research by, whatever makes a video or meme go viral is mysterious, but also follows certain patterns.

So if “going viral” is your goal, how can you optimize a campaign to transform into a Web meme goldmine? Smart money would select an environment where lots of group sharing is going on. Places such as Facebook and Twitter are no-brainers, but the value of Reddit as a veritable meme factory is on the rise. Combining the right design and tone with the proper platform is one of the trickiest parts of creating a successful viral campaign, but when it’s all aligned, success is more likely.


What’s your favorite viral campaign?

viral campaign


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